All You Need to Know About Upmarket Fiction

More About Upmarket Fiction

Upmarket Fiction is a relatively new genre, and some authors might still find themselves in the dark. Just what is upmarket fiction and what are you supposed to do with it? Don’t stress – we’re here to help you out. Here’s some of the best blog posts and links on the internet that’ll tell you everything you need to know about upmarket fiction – and where to submit it.

Woman’s National Book Week: Deconstruction Upmarket Fiction

During Woman’s National Book Week, the focus was put on deconstructing upmarket fiction – that is, telling authors more about just what the genre is, and making sure that they’re able to spot if their work might already fall into the genre. This is extremely useful for authors who are looking for ways to up their fiction to the next level – and maybe land a cool publication deal while you’re at it!

Rachel Neumeier: Literary, Upmarket and Commercial Fiction

People are a visual breed. Rachel Neumeier understands this, and that’s why she’s put together this super-handy infographic that’ll tell you everything you need to know about literary, upmarket and commercial fiction – and it’s pretty easy to understand.

Literary vs. Commercial Fiction

Just what is it that makes fiction commercial? If you aren’t sure about that just yet, then Kathy Temean has put together this super-handy description for you that says everything you need to know. In her words, “Basically all genre fiction is commercial, but not all commercial fiction is genre.”

Manuscript Wish List

Manuscript Wish List is a super-handy website for writers that tells you exactly where to submit your work to literary agents that are looking out for work. Here’s their section for upmarket fiction manuscripts and short stories – and we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for here.

Kara Jorgensen: Upmarket Fiction

Still struggling with just what the definition of upmarket fiction should be? Take a look at this page from Kara Jorgensen: She put together all the details that you have to know for her Genre Fixation spot. You can also browse through the website to read many other genre-breakdowns for authors.

Deborah Howen: Upmarket Fiction What Does It Mean?

Writer Deborah Howen has this super-handy breakdown of upmarket fiction and just what people are talking about: Take a closer look to find several genres in one blog post for easy explanation.

NY Times: Where Do You Draw the Line?

In an excellent piece for the New York Times’ BookEnds section in 2016, they took a closer look at just what commercial and literary fiction are officially defined as – and where the line should be drawn between the two in the publishing industry. Handy for writers and anyone working in the publishing industry, too.

Reedsy: What is Upmarket Fiction?


If you need to see opinions from several readers at once, take a look here at a decent breakdown of upmarket fiction at Reedsy