Using the Kindle Book Previewer

The Kindle Book previewer is an extremely useful tool that will tell you what your book will look like once it has been purchased and loaded into a Kindle. The Kindle previewer is the last stop when it comes to self-publishing your book on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform and it will tell you lots of things about your book that will determine whether it is ready to publish. We’ll be looking at just how the Kindle Book Previewer can help you with the publishing process in this article.

The Previewer Can Tell You How Chapters End & Begin

The first thing that the Kindle previewer can tell you is how your chapters and how they begin. What this means is that if you put a page break between the word document chapters, the Kindle should count what came before the page break as the end of the chapter, and then start your new one on a separate page. This prevents you from having an chapter heading in the middle of the page or at the very bottom and looks much more professional. It also tells you how chapters begin, so you can see where your chapter headings are appearing on the page, and make adjustments if necessary.

The Previewer Can Tell You Whether Front & Back Matter is Formatted Correctly

The previewer can also tell you whether front and back matter is formatted properly. For example, the copyright pages on digital books can be difficult because they may take up more than one page on a Kindle. The previewer can tell you how you can set up your copyright page so that it is more digital friendly if you find your copyright page’s being splayed across several different pages. In addition, any book covers or promotional images that you added in the back can be a formatting nightmare, and the previewer can tell you how they turned out.

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The Previewer Can Point out Formatting Mistakes

Another thing that the previewer can do is point out formatting mistakes that you have made. For example, if you have changed the font size on all of your chapter headings except for one, you will probably have a much easier time seeing it actually displayed on the Kindle previewer than looking through your manuscript. You can also see where you have forgotten to put a page break, because page breaks are invisible most of the time in Microsoft Word.

The Previewer Can Give You an Idea of Book Length & Readability

The previewer can also tell you how your book is going to read and how long it is going to be within a Kindle. Your book may seem rather short to you, but once you get it into the previewer and realize that you’re getting two or three pages for every printed page, then you may feel more confident about the length of your book. The bottom line is that the previewer shows you what your book looks like and whether you’re ready for publication.