Facts you should know about Fanfiction

Facts you should know about Fanfiction

Fanfiction is real and it’s all over the internet. There are many types of fanfiction and n fact, some fanfiction works are really great and almost as well-written as the originals. We all sometimes feel the need to tell our own version of stories and voila, fanfiction is the result. To take characters we love and give them a special ending, unique scenes, or bring any fantasy we have to live is particularly exciting.

The literary world is wide and rich and fanfiction is an important creative form of today’s world. However, there are still some misconceptions about what it means and who writes it. If you’re interested in immersing yourself in the world of fanfiction, here are some things that fanfiction writers want you to know.

It’s not all men who write it…

In fact, an exhaustive search of the best-known fan sites shows that they are mostly women. For some reason fanfiction makes many assume they are nerds behind a computer, probably men, but that’s not true.

It’s not just for teenagers.

It is often thought that it is the work of teenagers or that the readers are very young. However, there are people of all ages. It’s true that there are many underage people reading fanfiction, but most faithful readers are college age or even older.

Not Bad Literature

As with regular books, there is good material and not so good material. Among the fanfiction there are examples of works that became bestsellers (Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, although perhaps not the best). In fact, many have said that the One Piece Fanfiction category on Commaful, Danger Man area of Fanfiction and the Omarion section of Wattpad are among some of the better-written sections of all fandoms. The important thing is to recognize that there are some things that are very well written and others that are not so well written, but that it is good to pay attention to them.

In fact, if we remove the known names of people and places in some of these works, they could be published as more books. Given all the self-publishing tools out there from resources on book sizing to tools for templating, it’s never been easier to put a book out there and many of these stories could become books. It’s because the stories are so different and take so many turns that they end up moving away from their source. If these authors don’t do it, it’s because their objective is different. What they want to do is create something based on their favorite characters and stay a while longer with the feeling they get from what they like so much. As for originality, nowadays it’s difficult to say what’s based on something else.

Ideas aren’t as extreme as they seem

It’s true, there are stories of characters in a romantic relationship, even if they are totally opposite in the original version or they don’t even cross each other, etc. There are erotic fanfictions, with outcomes completely out of this world. But the same thing could and does happen in the literature we see in bookstores. Simply put, one is the continuation of something we don’t get to read in the books we like the most.

It’s not pornography

It’s true there are a lot of sex scenes. There are also sex scenes in Game of Thrones and that doesn’t prevent it from being a successful product. Not everything is pornography, although it is true that there are some examples of erotic fanfiction or sexual content going around the net. Some works are about romance, others about friendship, others about family. There’s a lot of sexual content, but it’s totally normal in any medium.