5 Writing Contests for Specific Groups in 2019

Sometimes, writing contests are geared towards specific groups. These groups vary and could be anything from government employees to people of color. Although there are a lot of these contests out there, it can be difficult to find one that you are eligible for. However, here are a few writing contests for specific groups that are happening in 2019.

The Sarton Women’s Book Awards

This contest is obviously geared towards women and it encourages the pieces that are submitted for the contest to be about women. These can be anything from young adult, to historical fiction, to many more, to nonfiction and much more. What’s great about this contest is that it is open to work that has been independently published before. You’ll have to take a look at their website to find out what their prizes are and if there is a fee to enter.

African American Voices in Children’s Literature Writing Contest

This writing contest is specifically for African-American author the right children’s literature. They also want the fiction to feature contemporary African-American characters as well as a focus on the culture and at least one of the following topics: character development, self-esteem, diversity, family and getting along with others. This award is sponsored by the Minnesota children’s authors and it is open for board books and picture books. The prize is a thousand dollars and the deadline is June 30.

Young Lions Fiction Award

This one is really terrific because it offers a $10,000 prize and is open to what they call young authors. However, that doesn’t mean children and teenagers. That just means anyone under the age of 35. This is open to both novels and short stories, and your submission has to have been published sometime in the calendar year before the contest the contest runs a year after the submission deadline so the deadline for the 2019 contest was in 2018 and the deadline for the 2020 contest will be sometime in the fall of 2019.

The Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans

If you are a vet, then you might be interested in this contest that is specifically for veterans. The Iowa review sponsors this contest and it is open to active duty and retired United States military veterans. The fiction can be about any subject and in any genre. The manuscript can be up to 20 pages and the cash price for first place is $1000. Second place where get $750 and then there are three runner-up prizes of $500 each.

New Voices Award Presented by Lee & Low Books

Another great contest is this one targeted towards people of color. It is sponsored by a well-known children’s book publisher and allows authors of copper to submit a 1500 word picture book manuscript that is not been published before. The winner of the contest gets $2000 cash as well as having their book published. The runner-up, called the honor award winner receives $1000. The deadline for the contest is August 31, 2019.