5 Big Ten teams make SB Nation’s list of worst college football games of 2017

The year 2017 saw some fantastic football games from Big Ten squads Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State, Michigan and Illinois.

But, as SB Nation pointed out on Monday, each squad was part of a bad game as well.

The four Big Ten East teams and the one Big Ten West team were the only ones from the conference to make the list that featured the worst college football games of 2017 and two of the games were against each other.

SB Nation’s Jason Kirk noted that the Spartans had played in two bad games in inclement weather, both wins against the Wolverines and the Nittany Lions.

The Wolverines kept passing in a downpour at home and the Spartans held out to win it 14-10.

The Spartans then won in what ended up being a seven-hour affair that saw around a four-hour rain/lightning delay in the team’s 27-24 walk-off win over Penn State.

The Nittany Lions also were featured twice on the list, as their 56-0 whooping of Georgia State made the list after fans and the media spent the next week debating whether coach James Franklin had iced the kicker to preserve the shutout.

Kirk then had the Fighting Illini game against USF in which they were blown out 47-23 after a slow start by both teams.

Lastly, the Buckeyes made the list for what Kirk implied was a forgettable 24-7 Cotton Bowl win over USC.

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