Airplane dust-up represents entitlement gone awry

One of the most frequently voiced opinions I hear these days about the state of affairs of humans in general goes something like this: “My Lord, the whole world has gone stark raving mad.” It seems to cover a myriad of situations at the local, national and international levels. The mishap involving a MICA professor and Southwest Airlines (“Woman removed from Southwest plane at BWI Airport after reporting allergy, refusing to leave,” Sept. 27) certainly lends credibility to the aforementioned statement. I’ve watched the video twice, listened to radio commentators, talked to colleagues at work, and have come to a few conclusions.

First, how could anyone smart enough, worldly enough to be a college professor not know that many flights (perhaps most) today have passengers with support animals aboard? Is it the responsibility of Southwest Airlines to issue warnings about everything from dogs to peanuts to their potentially allergy-prone passengers? Of course not! Second, after repeated efforts on the part of the Southwest crew to mollify the professor with a variety of suggestions and offers, she adamantly stood her ground rather than politely, agreeably getting the hell off the plane. What this leaves me wondering is how far our individual and collective sense of entitlement will take us. It seems to be spreading like wildfires. As for me, I love Southwest and have since my first flight. They have the wonderful good sense to be no-nonsense, very accommodating, and to even crack jokes before take-off which immediately relax even the most terrified flyers. While it’s a nice gesture for Southwest to apologize to the professor, it would be far more impressive if she apologized to all the passengers and crew for coming that unglued.

Myra MacCuaig, Towson

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