Ashland University’s Israel tour to visit startups, other businesses | Local News

A trip to Israel offered by Ashland University’s Dauch College of Business and Economics in Ashland promises an inside look at the nation’s startup companies and other businesses.

The trip will be March 1-10, 2018, and incorporates a memorandum of understanding signing between Ashland University and Haifa University, cultural tours as well as corporate visits to companies like IBM, P&G Israel, Intel and numerous startups.

“I know that community members get a lot of pitches to go to Israel from a variety of institutions, synagogues, religious groups and others, said Elad Granot, dean of the Dauch College of Business and Economics. “This is different, this is a start-up nation tour,”

Granot said the tour will not skip the “hot spots,” like the Sea of Galilee or the Old City of Jerusalem, but it will focus on networking opportunities he hasn’t seen on other tours.

“A lot of folks might see this as an opportunity to go to Israel and have access to companies and entrepreneurs and really network with business people,” he said. “(Students and guests) connect with our hosts who are very senior level (business) executives who they wouldn’t have access to any other way.”

Also going on the trip will be Tom Sudow, director of the Burton D. Morgan Center for entrepreneurial studies at Ashland University, who said this trip is a great opportunity to experience Israel’s accomplishments firsthand.

“You’re dealing with a country of 8 million people, they have more companies listed on the Nasdaq here in the United States than any other country beyond the U.S. and China,” said Sudow, a member of Park Synagogue in Cleveland Heights and Pepper Pike. “Israel does not live in a friendly neighborhood –(it’s) isolated in a lot of ways – and to be on the cutting edge of so many important innovations of today is remarkable.”

Innovations in self-driving cars and artificial intelligent equipment to detect allergies in food are among technologies those on the trip will see.

Ashland University is a pro-Israel school, Granot said.

The MOU signing with Haifa University on Mount Carmel in Haifa, was a natural choice for Ashland due to Haifa’s leadership in international education, he said. The signing is the first step in a partnership between the business schools.

Deadline to register for the trip is Jan. 20.

Publisher’s Note: Elad Granot is a member of the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company Board of Directors