ATH Lincoln Victor Making Position Move for College

Vancouver (Wash.) Union athlete Lincoln Victor is one of the most dynamic players in the state of Washington.

But Victor knew long ago that his future was going to be at a different position than quarterback, which he plays for Union, at the next level.

While Victor helped lead his team to a league title as a junior at quarterback, his 5-10, 165-pound frame is better suited to play in the slot.

So this spring, Victor will work as a receiver at camps, 7v7 tournaments and combines, but work at quarterback for his high school team.

“I’ve been playing quarterback for a while and that’s my job for the team, but I feel like I’m more than a quarterback and I while I think I could go to college and I can impact an offense, it is probably better for me at a different position,” said Victor.

One school that likes Victor a lot is Eastern Washington, which had a relatively undersized quarterback lead them to success, Vernon Adams.

“I look up to Vernon Adams a lot because he didn’t let his size get in the way of how he played,” said Victor.

Victor has worked with a number of people, Taylor Barton, Domenic Rockey and Jake Heaps, to refine his quarterback skills for Union.

“I haven’t closed quarterback off because you never know what is going to happen,” said Victor. “I just want to help my team win. Coming off back to back 4-5 seasons, I wanted to do something big for my community and this year was big for us winning our league. We’ll definitely be one to look out for next year.”

And while he’s working at quarterback to get better, at camps and 7v7, he’ll work at receiver to showcase his dynamic ability for the next level.

“I know in college, I can play at a high level, but I have to be smart about what I will probably play so I’m working with Tracy Ford and FSP (for 7v7) at that,” said Victor.

Victor will be at the Polynesian Bowl Combine in Las Vegas in April and is playing for FSP Blue Chip in the offseason.

Lincoln Victor
Lincoln Victor (Photo: Brandon Huffman, 247Sports)