Bachelor Nation Fan Favorites Pick Front-Runners to Win Rachel Lindsay’s Heart

Although recent Paradise-related controversies have dominated the Bachelor Nation conversation, Rachel Lindsay‘s historic season has been heating up with controversial villains and heartthrob heroes. These former contestants talked to PEOPLE and weighed in on who they think is the best match for Lindsay — and who they want to keep for themselves!

Always available to weigh in on the drama, Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti had plenty to say about Rachel’s lineup to PEOPLE at a party hosted by the dating app Hinge at Tavo in the West Village.

“Dean is my favorite,” she said of front-runner Dean Unglert, who shared a romantic blimp ride with Lindsay in last week’s one-on-one date. “Dean is just an overall sweetheart. I want him for myself,” she quipped before adding that for the Bachelorette, she prefers someone like Bryan or Peter.

“I don’t think Rachel should be with Dean. I think she really likes him and she should take him far, but I definitely see the passion with her and Bryan,” the former Paradise star said. “I think Peter is beautiful and I really like his personality, too.”

As we learned on BiP‘s third season, where there is Ashley, there is almost always Jared Haibon, who also gave his two cents on Lindsay’s season — even though he wasn’t quite caught up! “I was on Kaitlyn’s season and I think she’s the best lead ever to be on the franchise. She was badass. She was honest. She was forward and invested and I think Rachel has all those same qualities.”

As for his favored suitor, Haibon said, “Peter’s the best. I’m hoping she picks him … he seems super sweet. He’s endearing. He’s good looking. All my friends who are girls are head over heels. I think it’s the silver fox thing. He’s got that Clooney/guy from Grey’s Anatomy thing going for him.”

Plus, he “liked how they bonded over the gap in their teeth!”

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Fellow BiP season 3 alum, Josh Murray was also in attendance and had a similar feeling to Haibon’s. “Peter! I think she’s more into him than he is for her, but hopefully that will develop as the season goes on.”

Speaking on the show’s other silver fox, Bryan, Murray seemed to admire his go-getter attitude, “He’s a very, very passionate kisser you would say, to say the least. He doesn’t waste any time getting after it.”

In the end, Murray says, “I just want Rachel to find happiness. Hopefully everyone’s there for the right reasons and she can find happiness. She deserves it.”

Speaking of Kaitlyn Bristowe, she and her husband Shawn Booth talked to PEOPLE earlier this month about the current season.

“I can tell that Peter’s gonna be a front-runner, but then other than that, it’s kind of early. She’s still weaning out all the crazies,” said Bristowe.

See how their picks — and all the rest of Lindsay’s men — will fare on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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