Bears invite scrutiny by getting Mitchell Trubisky hit late – ProFootballTalk


The Bears tried to protect Mitchell Trubisky, as one does in a fourth preseason game with a quarterback you value.

But then they didn’t, and that was as worrisome as anything else that happened to the Bears last night.

Trubisky started last night and handed off nine straight times, but things got weird for the first-round pick as the night went on.

He slipped along the Browns sideline after a late hit, and that happens sometimes. But he had to return to the game after he was ostensibly done for the night, and the Bears took the bubble wrap off.

Fourth quarterback Connor Shaw had to leave with a hamstring problem, and with Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez unavailable, the Bears had to put Trubisky back on the field for the game’s final drive.

“It took me back to my North Carolina days — redshirt freshman, redshirt sophomore year, helmet comes off or the quarterback in front of you goes down, just come off the bench cold and play football,” Trubisky said, via David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune.

And play they did, actually calling plays that required Trubisky to drop back and pass three times, while being protected by the third-string offensive line (most of the members of which will be unemployed in the next 36 hours), which led to Trubisky taking a late sack.

“I don’t know that we exposed Mitch, but I can also say anytime you trot between those lines you’re exposed,” Bears coach John Fox said. “Anytime you go out there it’s a risk, truth be told. . . .

“I think it’s fair to say it won’t be the first time he’s hit and it won’t be the last. He wanted to throw the ball, which I appreciated.”

That’s fine, and noble. Sure, whatever. But in the context of not letting him do so during his first stint on the field, the Bears called their decision-making into question with a guy who is a very important part of their future.

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