Beck’s on University in Waterloo closes | Business – Local News

WATERLOO — Darin Beck, CEO of Barmuda Cos., announced Monday he has closed Beck’s Taproom on University Avenue.

Lark Brewing Co., in the lower level of the business at 3295 University Ave., will also relocate, he said. Lark is one of the companies vying to move into the Public Market space in downtown Waterloo, he said.

Beck said Beck’s Taproom in the Crossroads area will remain open and employees of the Beck’s on University can work at any of the other Beck’s properties.

He said the reason for the closing is due to a number of factors, but noted that the Beck’s on University has been struggling for some time. “Back in the 2000s, we were able to fill it on a regular basis,” he said of the 14,000-square-feet of space in the building.

“But with the changes in the way people spend their money eating out, and the rise of delivery and the fast casual dining scene, the building has proven to be too big for the Beck’s concept to continue there,” Beck said in his news release.

He said one of the reasons he opened the Crossroad’s Beck’s in the former Hurricane Wings location was in anticipation of closing the University Avenue site.

He said he will look for a new location in Cedar Falls to have a Taproom.

“The University Ave. location used to be a great middle of town location for both Waterloo and Cedar Falls. But now that we’re at Crossroads, it just makes sense to look at Cedar Falls again.” he said.

He said Lark Brewing plans to submit a proposal to move into the Public Market, owned by the city of Waterloo. Lark is a partnership between Beck and Sean Christensen, which opened in 2016.

The Public Market, at 327 W. Third St. on the RiverLoop Expo Plaza, has been empty since its original tenant, a grocery and restaurant cooperative, folded up shop at the end of September 2016.

“If the proposal is successful, we hope to be moved in time for My Waterloo Days. We have other options that we are ready to pull the trigger on, but we really love the Public Market opportunity,” he said.

Plans are to expand Lark into a full restaurant menu in addition to a tasting room.

Beck said the assets of the Beck’s restaurant were listed for sale Monday.