Beta Theta Pi kicked off College of Charleston campus until 2021

Beta Theta Pi kicked off College of Charleston campus until 2021 (WCIV)

Beta Theta Pi has been suspended on the campus of College of Charleston until the fall of 2021. It’s the fourth fraternity on the campus university officials say has been non-compliant with rules established by the university.

According to a report provided by the College of Charleston, Eta Lambda chapter of Beta Theta Pi was shut down in April following an investigation by the university that discovered “multiple instances multiple instances of unregistered parties with common source alcohol, some purchased with chapter funds; hazing behaviors including personal servitude and calisthenics; marijuana use.”

The university began investigating the fraternity in March following a initial incident that happened in August 2016. Officials with the College of Charleston say incidents continued with the fraternity throughout 2016.

As a result and in addition to the suspension from campus until 2021, College of Charleston has requested a letter of apology be written to President Glenn McConnell and a letter to any future colony of Beta Theta Pi, outlining what the university describes as “mistakes that were made in 2016 and 2017, how issues arose and escalated, and how the Fraternity should have conducted itself and benefited from the episodes.”

Beta Theta Pi is the fourth fraternity to be booted from the campus this school year on grounds of misconduct following a focus on social organizations by McConnell. In August, the president suspended social activities indefinitely after having met with student leaders and Greek Life representatives. He said it was a serious response to a series of dangerous behaviors by some members of Greek organizations.

“Enough is enough. This type of reckless and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated,” McConnell said, adding the message of disciplinary action for drug and alcohol abuse was not getting through to the campus.

In September, Alpha Epsilon Pi was suspended after allegations of a sexual assault involving an inactive member and former member of the fraternity were reported to police. An affidavit states the assault happened at a bid day party.

Kappa Alpha Order was shut down later in September after the arrest of former chapter president Robert Lilieberg. He was arrested on May 31 in connection to a major drug bust in Charleston. The fraternity was told it would be able to return to campus in 2018.

Sigma Nu fraternity had its charter suspended in October after national officials raised concerns about drug, alcohol, and hazing violations at the fraternity. Sigma Nu has been informed it could return to the campus in 2020.