Billy Joe Saunders’ son delivers low-blow to Willie Monroe Jr.

This son of a boxer isn’t playing nice.

Friday morning’s weigh-in for the WBO middleweight title fight between Billy Joe Saunders and Willie Monroe Jr. was interrupted by an unexpected third competitor: Billy Joe Jr.

Saunders’ son hopped on the scale after the two fighters weighed in and posed for photos ahead of Saturday’s fight in London. After Monroe Jr. playfully ruffled the boy’s hair, Billy Joe Jr. delivered a swift punch below-the-belt to Monroe and attempted a kick to the same region before one of Monroe Jr.’s security guards pulled the youngster away.

Saunders, who is defending his WBO title, took to Twitter to defend his son, who might be learning some of his defense tactics from dad.

“My son has been taught when a stranger puts their hands on them they don’t know, punch and run away (in) self-defence,” Saunders wrote.

Monroe Jr. was a good sport even after the punch was delivered, continuing to flex for the cameras after the low-blow.

The London bout will take place hours before Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez face off in Las Vegas.

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