Bria Vinaite Florida Project Actress Bio, Drake Rumors

Bria: “I got a direct message on Instagram one day, and it was from Sean [Baker]. He was telling me to check my email because he emailed me about a film opportunity. His page is all pictures of his dog, so I was kind of confused. But I read the email, and it was very well written. He told me a little bit about his previous work, and we got on the phone. I felt really connected to the project. I had never acted before, so I made sure to let him know that. He flew me out to Florida, where I met Brooklynn [Prince], who plays [my character’s daughter] Moonnee. From the moment we met, we had this initial connection in which we just loved each other. It was very effortless to have this mother-daughter relationship with her, because she was so open to having a relationship with me. It happened really fast.”

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