Cleveland State University to increase tuition and fees by 6 percent for in-state freshmen, but freeze that amount for four years

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland State University plans to increase tuition and fees by 6 percent to $10,392 for in-state freshmen in fall 2018, but freeze that amount for four years.

The increase, known as the CSU Guarantee and approved by trustees on Wednesday, would generate about $1.6 million a year, officials said. To take effect, the increase, also will need to be approved by Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor John Carey.

Tuition and fees for current in-state undergraduates will remain at $9,804.

The university joins Ohio State University, Ohio University and Miami University in creating a way to raise tuition revenue while abiding by a state law governing tuitions.

Trustees at the University of Akron, Kent State University and Youngstown State University are expected to approve tuition guarantee programs at their meetings in December.

A law approved by legislators in 2013 allows state universities to raise tuition if the amount is guaranteed for four years. The measure was aimed at encouraging students to graduate in a timely manner, saving them money.

The current two-year budget removed the limits in the 2013 law on how much a college can increase tuition for each new freshmen class.  

The same budget imposed a tuition freeze for current in-state students at the universities. State universities are able to increase tuition for non-resident students. 

Colleges are allowed to increase room-and-board rates each year ,but CSU decided to also freeze those rates for four years for the incoming students.

The average room-and-board cost for 2018 for all students will be $12,457. 

This summer, Ohio State trustees approved a tuition increase from $10,036 to $10,591 for freshmen. Carey approved the guaranteed tuition, which went into effect this fall.

Ohio University began offering guaranteed tuition to freshmen in fall 2015. The OHIO Guarantee also includes housing and dining rates that remain unchanged for four years.

Miami’s Tuition Promise began in fall 2016 for all students, and includes housing and dining.