College Basketball Podcast: Will Xavier essentially clinch Big East title Saturday?

It really does feel like everybody has lost to an unranked opponent in the past 48 hours. So Matt Norlander and I discussed that at the top of this episode of the Eye On College Basketball podcast. From there, it breaks down like this:

5:04: I don’t mind the idea behind the NCAA Tournament selection committee’s quad system. But it’s obviously flawed. We explained in what ways.

14:07: Saint Mary’s lost at San Francisco late Thursday and is now probably only a loss or two away from putting itself in a bad spot for an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. Why does Randy Bennett always schedule this way?

23:37: We spent almost 30 minutes previewing this weekend’s games — everything from Villanova-Xavier to Texas-Oklahoma to West Virginia-Kansas to Texas Tech-Baylor to Alabama-Kentucky to Duke-Clemson to Wichita State-Cincinnati to Penn State-Purdue.

52:03: You know how LeBron James and Stephen Curry drafted the NBA All-Star teams? We did that with college basketball players. Seven players each — one of whom had to come from a non-Power-7 league. Here are our teams:


G: Trae Young (Oklahoma)
G: Collin Sexton (Alabama)
G: Devonte Graham (Kansas)
F: Miles Bridges (Michigan State)
F: Mike Daum (South Dakota State)
F: Marvin Bagley (Duke)
F: Mohamed Bamba (Texas)


G: Jalen Brunson (Villanova)
G: Jaylen Adams (St. Bonaventure)
G: Marcus Foster (Creighton)
G: Trevon Blueitt (Xavier)
F: Angel Delgado (Seton Hall)
F: Deandre Ayton (Arizona)
F: Jock Landale (Saint Mary’s)

Who has the better team — me or Norlander?

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