College basketball rankings: Arizona tumbles down in the Top 25 (and 1)

NC State’s surprising 90-84 victory over Arizona Wednesday night is the type of early season result that puts the CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) in a tough spot — because it’s a result featuring the team picked 12th in the ACC beating a team that was ranked second here Wednesday morning.

There’s no perfect way to handle something like this.

I acknowledge that up front.

But my approach has for a while been to believe teams mostly are what I thought they’d be, good or bad, until multiple results suggest otherwise. Because, otherwise, it’s very easy to overreact to one possibly fluky result and have rankings that do not jibe with reality. So congrats, NC State. And shame on you, Arizona. But, for now, Arizona remains in the Top 25 (and one) while NC State remains out. But one more unexpected loss for the Wildcats, and/or one more impressive win for the Wolfpack, and it’ll be time to reconsider everything.

The updated Top 25 (and one) is below.