College basketball rankings: Top 25 (and 1) gets a reset after losses by Kansas, Florida

I spent this space at the top of Wednesday morning’s CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) explaining how I hate bad losses more than I like good wins, and that my rankings typically reflect that reality. It was my way of justifying/rationalizing omitting teams like Purdue, Notre Dame, Arizona and Minnesota. All four teams are good, I think. But they all also have sub-75 KenPom losses. So I booted them.

It was a reasonable approach at the time.

But then Kansas and Florida took sub-75 KenPom losses on Wednesday night, at which point I had a problem. Because now there aren’t enough rankable teams without sub-75 KenPom losses to fill 26 spots. Consequently, there’s no perfect way to update the Top 25 (and one). I acknowledge that. I figured it out pretty quickly. So what I did late Wednesday/early Thursday was take a completely fresh look and ranked teams with little regard for where I had them Wednesday morning — which, to be clear, isn’t normally the way I do things. What I did here was try to rank teams in a way that still respects the results of games — meaning I can’t just keep Kansas in the top 10 with that loss to Washington. But, frankly, it seems insane to not have Kansas anywhere in the Top 25 (and one). So I wanted the rankings to acknowledge that as well.

What you see below is the result.

Here’s the updated Top 25 (and one).