College football is here. Here are the Week 1 games you must watch.

The first official PAPN of the new college football season is here:


  • Fancy new microphones
  • An 11-1 non-champion has the same chance of making it now than before Ohio State lost to Clemson
  • Enter Sandman vs. Country Roads (and this Virginia Tech vs. a Virginia Tech with Jerod Evans)
  • A loaded slate with almost nothing in the early-Saturday slot
  • Why in the hell would you watch Michigan-Florida instead of Boise-Troy?
  • Kentucky could be strong this year, but what happens if they’re not?
  • What to actually watch for in Alabama-Florida State: Will FSU be able to throw? Will Bama have to?
  • What to learn from Louisville-Purdue. (Really, there’s stuff to learn!)
  • Wisconsin’s vanishing linebacker depth
  • Tennessee vs. anxiety
  • Who’s fired: Mora? Sumlin? Neither? Both?
  • Competitiveness in the 1970s vs. today