College Football Playoff rankings: guess the top four. It’s hard!

It’s your Week 9 PAPN recap!


  • This week’s S&P+ rankings, which feature a clean top 16 and then a giant mess.
  • ISU’s win over TCU was a little fluky, sure, but the Cyclones are Big 12 contenders all the same!
  • Lane Kiffin almost has a top-30 team on his hands.
  • Seriously, though, LSU should think about beating Alabama. It would be fun.
  • Simply handling your business will get you ranked pretty high this year.
  • The Big 12 couldn’t be more of a mess. It is wonderful.
  • When you can blow up an offensive line like Ohio State did to Penn State’s, almost nothing else matters.
  • Godfrey can’t even say Notre Dame’s name.
  • Guess the inaugural CFP top four. It’s really, really hard!