College student stands on library table and gives Miracle speech during finals week (Video)

Finals week only occurs twice a year for college students around the country, but those weeks are easily the most stressful stretches of time of a student’s college tenure. Luckily, students at James Madison University received some much-needed humor and frivolity to distract from their finals via a graduating senior, Smirnoff, and Herb Brooks.


In the video, the speaker performs his abridged version of Brooks’ speech from the 1980 Olympics, in which Team USA defeated the heavily-favored Soviet team in a medal round game. This was famously dubbed the “Miracle on Ice.”

The speech was given atop a library table right after the speaker was apparently “iced.” “Icing” is the process of being presented a Smirnoff Ice in a clever or surprising manner and then dropping to one knee and finishing said beverage as quickly as possible.

For a better representation of Brooks’ words on that famed night, here’s Kurt Russell giving the speech without the assistance of alcohol in the movie Miracle.

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