Commission to unveil ideas to fix college basketball

Six months of work will come to an end Wednesday morning when the Commission on College Basketball presents its ideas on fixes for the sport.

The commission headed by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will announce its recommendations at 8 a.m. ET at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis.

The presentation will be streamed live on the NCAA’s Twitter feed and YouTube channel. The commission’s report will also be available at

The report comes after the NCAA saw the past college basketball season played under the cloud of a federal corruption investigation.

A few weeks after prosecutors announced they had charged 10 men, including four assistant college coaches and a top Adidas executive in a fraud and bribery scandal, the NCAA formed the Commission on College Basketball in October.

Although few people outside of commission members themselves know what the suggested reforms will be, the commission was charged with finding ways to reform and modernize rules that would have “meaningful and lasting” effects.

That will likely include revisions to the NCAA’s enforcement and eligibility processes and changes to the relationship between the organization and youth leagues, apparel companies and agents.

The commission could also recommend changes to the so-called “one-and-done” rule that sees top players jump to the NBA after one college season, although any substantial change would have to come from the NBA.

Some have even called for the NCAA to start paying college players, although the commission, which includes NCAA President Mark Emmert, a staunch opponent of that idea, is not expected to back such a proposal.

Besides Rice and Emmert, the commission also includes several other prominent names from college basketball, including former college stars and NBA players Grant Hill and David Robinson, former Georgetown coach John Thompson III and retired college coach Mike Montgomery.

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