Confederate group sues the University of Texas over late-night statue removal | Texas Politics

The Sons of Confederate Veterans unsuccessfully sued UT-Austin in 2015 over its decision to remove a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. This time, however, the group has teamed up with a descendant of George Littlefield, the former UT regent and Confederate veteran who paid for the statues to be erected before his death in 1920. 

The group argues that the university is breaking the agreement it made with Littlefield, who created a bequest to pay for the commission and erection of those statues and several others on campus. The value of the monuments totaled $250,000 when they were erected nearly 100 years ago, the lawsuit claims, and they could be worth $500,000 each (or up to $3 million as a group) now.

“The statues were part of a bequest Maj. Littlefield made to the university that included funds for the promotion of American history from the Southern perspective,” the lawsuit states.