‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Destroys Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Phony’ Defense

The night after he called out Fox News’ hypocrisy on Harvey Weinstein, Trevor Noah still couldn’t get over the $32 million payout that Bill O’Reilly made to one of his alleged sexual harassment victims just before the network renewed his contract.

“I’m sorry that I’m stuck on this, but it’s just an amazing amount of money to pay out, especially if you’re not guilty,” The Daily Show host said.

Earlier this week, The New York Times released audio from its interview with O’Reilly, in which he said he has “shocking information” that would exonerate him, but he doesn’t want to release it because he fears the “tabloid press” would attack his kids.

“So let me get this straight,” Noah said. “You have evidence—shocking evidence—that would totally exonerate you. But you’re not going to go to court because it will hurt your kids? As opposed to what’s happening now? You know how phony that sounds, right? ‘I would take this to trial, but the idea of my kids hearing a judge declare me not guilty would be too much for them!’”

If O’Reilly was his dad, Noah joked that he would prefer he just give him the $32 million. “I can handle some bad news for $32 million,” he said.

Now that O’Reilly has “blamed his enemies, the liberal media and his former colleagues” for his situation, Noah said, “there’s basically no one left on earth for him to blame.” So instead, O’Reilly literally blamed God. “Wow, he’s mad at God for not protecting him?” Noah asked. “This is one of those times when I wish we could hear what God has to say.”

With that, The Daily Show’s Dulcé Sloan, as the almighty, descended from the heavens and gave O’Reilly a piece of her mind.

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