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Major key! DJ Khaled, sans baby Asahd, brings his musical talents to judge 20 incredible acts on the second night of Judge Cuts on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ From the soulful Yoli Mayer to the real-life Sherlock Holmes — find out who’ll be seeing at the live show!

DJ Khaled guest judges on a critical episode of America’s Got Talent — judge cuts! There is so much amazing talent this year on the show, it’s truly going to be a tough night for the judges! Remember, for judge cuts, there are seven spots available and 20 acts — the odds are slim and the competition is great!

Miami, Florida native Sammulous took the stage in his gold chains and sparkling jacket ready to fight to make it on to the live shows! Changing it up from his cabaret audition, Sam took us to us back to the ’70s with a disco beat. “You’re kind of a throwback,” Howie Mandel said, complimenting the singer. While Simon Cowell felt a bit torn over Sammulous’s high notes, Heidi Klum and Mel B were not — they loved him! Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

The Quiddlers, who had the judges laughing hysterically in their audition, brought back the laughs with their cuts performance. The Quiddlers, a group of four guys who act out puppets while laying down, showed off their talent by acting out the four judges on the AGT panel! Dancing to Mel B’s Spice Girls hit “WannaBe,” the judges were equally impressed.

“What I think, is that when you see somebody a second time, they have to be better,” Simon said. Solto & T Dot are a dance duo who do incredible flips and breakdancing, and Simon even complimented them saying they were way better than the first time. Then, recall salsa duo Emily and Junior who stole everyone’s hearts during their epic audition. Their heartwarming story about dance saving Junior from going down a bad path made them a crowd-favorite and we can’t wait to see more — especially Simon, who said “These guys were amazing last time!” Dancing to “Don’t Let Me Down” by Daya and Zedd, Emily and Junior upped their difficulty and were equally as amazing! “You were so amazing last time we saw you,” Mel B said, somewhat disappointed. Simon agreed that the pair weren’t as great as last time, bummed about the shortness of the dance. Hopefully they’ll get a second chance in the live show!

Remember the keyboard playing chicken, Jogkoo? Well, she’s back, with her sister Aichan to dual pianos. Unfortunately, they struggled to start to play and the judges were not impressed, giving the chickens five X’s, which means they’re going straight home! Womp.

Singer, Dakota Striplin, serenaded the crowd with an acoustic version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley. The goose-bump worthy performance was amazing and the judges totally fell in love with him — even more than they already were! Chase Goehring is literally Ed Sheeran — redhead and all — and sang his original song during his audition, totally blowing the judges away. Chase chose to sing another original, “Acapella” — a song he wrote about himself and the artist he wants to be. A standing ovation from the judges and the crowd, Chase absolutely slayed this round of the competition! “If you ask any advice from me, there’s nothing I can tell you. Because you have it all happening,” Simon told Chase. “You’re on you way to be a star, this show and this stage is going to make you into a super star,” DJ Khaled said before hitting the Golden Buzzer for Chase. Yay!!!

Mirror Image, the comedic twins who sing and dance together, got another chance on the AGT stage. While Simon wasn’t their biggest fans before, Heidi and Mel B loved them. Dancing to The Great by Sia, the boys got a standing O from Heidi and Mel, but a big X from Simon. DJ Khaled has a quizzical look on his face the whole time. We’re not sure what’s going to happen with these two…

Singing “I Tried” by Macy Gray, Evie Clair gave an emotional tribute to her dad who has Stage 4 colon cancer and recently found out his chemotherapy wasn’t working. Her emotional, gorgeous performance blew everyone away! Mel B connected with Evie and was brought to tears being reminded of her own father, who just passed away. Fingers crossed for Evie!

Next up were the illusionists of the evening! The magicians took the stage, like the real-life Sherlock Holmes. His incredible audition was one thing, but now, he is showcasing his talent by revealing the judges deepest thoughts! He licked Mel’s hand and guessed what he ate today. Then, he had Howie type in a random phone password to unlock and iPhone and it worked! Finally, Sherlock had Mel think of a word and then, audience members stood up in the stands, holding up the word Mel was thinking of! It’s TRULY amazing!

Puddles, the sad clown, shared his sadness with the interviewers and showed that he used to be a happy clown, but is very sad now because he was kicked out of his band. With his “Puddles Pity Party” suitcase in tow, Puddles gave another gorgeous performance, this time singing Celine Dion‘s “All By Myself.” Such a gorgeous performance from such a sad man.

Yoli Mayer, whose dream was always to be a singer and felt held back by her weight, reminded judges exactly why she made it through auditions! Singing “Love On The Brain” by Rihanna, Yoli kept it young and fresh while showing off her fabulous, soulful voice. “Whoa,” DJ Khaled looked over at the other judges on the panel in amazement. “She’s taking us to church!” Tyra Banks said to the cameras. Yoli received a well deserved standing ovation from every speechless judge.

Puddles, Mirror Image, Emily & Junior, Colin Cloud (Sherlock Holmes), Evie Clair, Yoli Mayer all made it through to the Live Show at The Dolby Theater! YAY!

HollywoodLifers, which act are you most excited to see again in the Live Shows?!

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