Early 2018 college football rankings: Vegas odds to win Playoff

2017’s college football season isn’t over, but you can already bet on 2018’s season. From the Westgate in Las Vegas, odds to win next season’s College Football Playoff National Championship in Santa Clara, Calif.:

  • Alabama: 5/2
  • Clemson: 6/1
  • Georgia, Ohio State: 8/1
  • Michigan: 10/1
  • Penn State: 12/1
  • Oklahoma: 18/1
  • Auburn, Miami, Michigan State, Texas, Wisconsin: 25/1
  • LSU, Washington: 30/1
  • Florida State, Notre Dame, Stanford, USC, Virginia Tech, West Virginia: 40/1
  • Texas A&M: 50/1
  • Florida, Oregon, TCU: 60/1
  • Arizona, Boise State, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Missouri, NC State, Oklahoma State, UCLA, Utah, Wake Forest: 100/1
  • Iowa, Iowa State, Louisville, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, South Carolina, UCF, Washington State: 200/1
  • Colorado, Memphis, Syracuse: 300/1
  • Arkansas, Arizona State, Baylor, Boston College, BYU, Cal, Colorado State, Duke, FAU, Georgia Tech, Houston, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Pitt, San Diego State, Tennessee, Texas Tech, USF, Vanderbilt, Virginia: 500/1
  • Fresno State, Kansas, Illinois, Oregon State, Rutgers: 1000/1
  • Appalachian State, Nevada, UNLV: 9999/1

Bama’s always the obvious early No. 1, until further notice.

Clemson’s a pretty interesting No. 2 pick, which seems to be the public consensus as well. Kelly Bryant no longer being a first-year starter helps, though we’ll have to see how much of that excellent defense leaves for the NFL.

Ohio State will always be high in the mix, and expect Georgia to always be right up there going forward.

Michigan might be a little bit of a surprise after an 8-5 2017, and the Wolverines probably aren’t gonna rank anywhere near No. 5 until they win some games, but a lot of people pointed to 2017 as a rebuilding year all along. Just get QB figured out. On that note, Texas ranking highly is defensible and not just big-name bias (though a top-10 ranking in the polls would be a bit much), with a whole lot coming back to Tom Herman’s improved team and a top recruiting class coming in.

Self-declared national champ UCF is there, right around the middle.

On the bottom, App State earns a mention after winning the Sun Belt and dominating MAC champ Toledo. The ’Neers are joined by two teams from the Westgate’s home state, per tradition.