FEMA combats rumors during Hurricane Irma

Published 10:13 am, Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fake news, rumors and false Facebook postings were bad enough during the last presidential election cycle. During disasters such as Hurricane Irma, these falsities can be downright dangerous.

To help combat some of the most insidious rumors circulating on social media and among communities, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is issuing statements about the validity of the claims. From whether people can bring their pets to shelters, to scam inspectors or contractors, scroll through the gallery above for a look at the information you should know.

HURRICANE HARVEY: A timeline of destruction


Texans have had their own share of viral, but wrong information circulating during Hurricane Harvey. There were no sharks on the freeway, pet rescuers were not euthanizing horses and dogs en masse, First Lady Melania Trump did not show up in high heels and Joel Osteen didn’t sail his yacht around town.

Now is a good time to remind your friends and family to verify a post with a credible news source before passing along. 

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