Finnish people got dazzled by spectacular show of Northern Lights in night sky

Watch amazing show of northern lights in the night sky

In a celestial extravaganza, space enthusiasts and people residing near the poles and Finland got an awesome opportunity to witness the colourful light show in the night sky. People were stunned to see different dazzling colours including green, red, yellow, and pink waving and flickering in the sky as aurora borealis formed after the corona discharge.

People captured the video and took several images of the mesmerising event and posted them on the social media. The photos and video became an instant hit and got several likes and shares.

As The TeCake reported earlier, that US Space Weather Prediction Center and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had issued warning that a large solar geomagnetic storm has occurred which will lead to the occurrence of splendid northern lights in the starry night sky on September 6 and 7.

Scientists at the NOAA revealed that coronal mass ejection took place on Monday which released a fast-moving stream of particles in the atmosphere and they expect these particles to reach Earth by Wednesday which will result in the stunning view of northern lights in the sky.

People residing in Canada got the best view of aurora borealis; however, residents in the USA, Arctic, and polar regions will witness the astonishing view.

NOAA also made a map which was updated every 30 minutes for the space enthusiasts to track the exact position of the northern lights in the sky.

While explaining the process of lighting in the space, researchers said that the collision of fast moving solar particles with the Earth’s magnetic field accelerates particles trapped in the space around Earth (such as in the radiation belts). Later, these particles are sent crashing down into Earth’s upper atmosphere—at altitudes of 100 to 400 kilometres (60 to 250 miles)—where they excite oxygen and nitrogen molecules. Gases present in the atmosphere give up their energy by releasing photons. Different gases emit different colours; oxygen emits green and sometimes red light, while nitrogen is more orange or red.

The fainter arc of light that parallels the horizon is known as airglow. This is another manifestation of the interaction of the Earth’s atmosphere with radiation from the sun.

These stunning solar wind events resulting in colourful lighting can happen any time of the year. Scientists just wait for the right moment to capture them in the camera and later release those incredible shots to mesmerise the space enthusiasts.

Phenomenons like aurora borealis are pretty common when seen from space. Previously, US astronaut Scott Kelly had clicked and posted breathtaking pictures of the Northern lights on the microblogging website — Twitter. With the help of ISS’s satellite, he was able to access the internet and tweeted the astonishing pics.

The Aurora Borealis is caused by geomagnetic storms initiated by strong solar winds. Apart from strong solar winds, ‘coronal hole’ near the equator of the sun also played a vital role in making the Aurora Borealis visible from the Earth. Astronomers say that ‘coronal hole’ was perfectly aligned with the Earth which made the event breathtaking.

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