First responder from New York tries Whataburger for…

TEXAS – A viral video of a New York first responder who tried Whataburger for the first time while lending a hand during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts will make you smile and be thankful you’re in Texas.

Whataburger tweeted a video of the first responder’s first taste of one of its classic double meat hamburgers with a caption that read: “While serving first responders we ran into a NYer who got his first sweet taste of Whataburger.”

In the video, the man, identified as Thomas Carrera, prefaced his first taste by saying, “All the Texas guys want to tell me this is the burger — this is the official Texas burger,” while pointing at the burger.

Finally, he picks up the burger for a closer look, telling his colleagues with a face of shock, “It’s a double! Ohhh… Everything is bigger in Texas, right?”

Those surrounding Carrera confirm, “Yup, it’s a Texas burger.”

Carrera takes his first bite toward the end of the video and his first words: “Mmm… That is a good burger. Unbelieveable. Wow.” His colleagues, clearly unsurprised he enjoyed the Texas staple, respond, “I told you.”

The video has been retweeted over 8,000 times and liked over 19,000 times since Saturday afternoon.

Many say the first responder may have to call Texas home.

Carrera replied to Whataburger’s tweet, thanking the fast-food chain for exposing him to the iconic Texas hamburger and for showing him “what it means to be a Texan.”

In fact, Carrera said himself, he doesn’t want to leave the great state, calling Texans the proudest people.

It’s unclear where, exactly, Carrera was when the video was recorded.

The video comes after the burger giant pledged $1.65 million to Harvey relief efforts.

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