Flight diverted to remove ‘potential threat’ from plane

A flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Houston stopped in Corpus Christi, Texas, Sunday to remove a “disruptive passenger,” according to an airline.

Southwest Airlines said Flight 4519 stopped at Corpus Christi International Airport after flight attendants notified the captain and first officer of a “potential threat” in the cabin. Local authorities met the aircraft at a gate and removed the passenger, the airline said.

Passenger Kristy Gillentine spoke with another passenger who said the woman was yelling about the government doing an experiment on her to make her walk backwards.

Gillentine recorded security escorting the woman off the plane. In the video, the woman is apparently walking backwards.

The airline said the safe operation of every flight is its highest priority. The aircraft is expected to depart shortly to complete the journey to William P. Hobby Airport in Houston, Southwest said in a statement Sunday afternoon.

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