Fox News posted a how-to video for ‘plowing’ your car through protesters

Anyone who has had the misfortune of looking at the comments section of any article on protesters shutting down traffic recently has no doubt seen people openly advocating vehicular homicide. It’s been a common right-wing fantasy for years, mostly targeting Black Lives Matter protesters, whose lives are apparently worth less with each additional minute a white person has to spend commuting. One Minnesota police officer went so far as to openly advocate running protesters over, offering legal advice as to how murderers might avoid prosecution.

So it’s only inevitable that now people are starting to do it. In June, a motorcyclist rode his bike through protesters holding a die-in to oppose Trumpcare in San Francisco. Luckily, nobody was hurt in that incident. Heather Heyer and 19 other innocent people in Charlottesville this past weekend weren’t so fortunate.

The actions of James Alex Fields do not exist in a vacuum. The neo-Nazis who gathered in Virginia this past weekend were weened on racist dogwhistles and barely veiled — and often overt — calls to violence spread by our president, Republican leadership, and right-wing media outlets. Case in point: This January, Fox News posted a video on its Fox Nation website titled “Here’s a reel of cars plowing through protesters trying to block the road.”

Fox Nation has since deleted the page, though the URL remains. The 90-second video features different clips of cars driving through groups of protesters, in many cases running people over, scored to a shitty folk cover of Ludacris’ “Move Bitch.” The video was originally published by Tucker Carlson’s website, The Daily Caller. We’ve embedded it below.

The Fox Nation page that hosted the video was published with the following caption:

Here’s a compilation of liberal protesters getting pushed out of the way by cars and trucks. Study the technique; it may prove useful in the next four years.

Charming. You all have blood on your hands.

[screenshot: Daily Caller]

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