Frisco’s Superdrome cycling track going away to make room for Collin College growth | Frisco

But that doesn’t seem likely, based on the comments from Frisco city officials.

“Our community is shifting emphasis to recreational and road biking,” Deputy City Manager Henry Hill said in the release about the facility’s closing. “While we’re proud and appreciate the contributions of the ‘Superdrome’ to our community, the viable life cycle of the facility has reached the end of its life in Frisco. We agree it’s not efficient for us (the city and the college) to continue to invest and maintain the facility.”

‘Space is at a premium’

The contract with the Superdrome Management Group expires Dec. 31. It will not be renewed. City officials are fielding inquiries about possibly moving the track outside of Frisco but nothing has been decided.

“Space is at a premium, and availability of the land where the track currently exists will accommodate our expansion plans,” Collin College district president Neil Matkin said in a news release.

Enrollment at the college’s Preston Ridge Campus in Frisco has grown from 2,255 in 1998 to about 8,700 students, he said.