Google will soon make it easier to back up your entire computer with a new app

It’s not a dramatic makeover—and definitely isn’t as freighted with meaning as the death of the egg—but Twitter is rolling out some design refinements across its iOS, Android, and web incarnations, along with TweetDeck and Twitter Lite, “over the coming days.” Among the changes:

• The iOS app is streamlining things by slimming down the number of tabs at the bottom and putting some stuff in a side navigation menu, a design already in place on Android.

• The reply icon, which some people mistook as a back or delete button, is now a word balloon, just like in Instagram.

• Avatars are now displayed inside circles, a design trend that’s been around so long elsewhere that it no longer counts as a trend.

• Reply, like, and retweet counts now update dynamically, letting you see them rack up in real time.

• The iOS app opens up the articles people share in a Safari view, so you’re already logged into any sites you may have accounts with.

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