Grace College officials investigate campus hate incident – Indiana News

WINONA LAKE, Ind. (WTHR) – Officials at Grace College & Seminary are investigating after a student at the school was the victim of a hate incident Monday morning.

The student told police a message reading “N—– Don’t Belong Here” was written on a chalkboard outside his door Monday morning.

College President Bill Katip said the message has left him “angry and heartbroken.” Katip released a statement about the incident, which is being investigated by police:

As we investigate, let me be absolutely clear: racism will not be tolerated at Grace College. We are first and foremost a community of believers in Christ. We are one body called to edify and love one another.

There is NO place for hate on our campus. If you believe there is, then you do not belong on our campus.

I am angry and heartbroken that this act has taken place and it is our shared responsibility to respond to this act of hate in a clear and decisive way.

If you feel angry, fearful, upset, or vulnerable, the student affairs and counseling teams are available to talk with you. Please contact any of your RD’s or contact the counseling center at 574-372-5100 x6472

Let me be very clear: harassment of any kind will not be tolerated – toward this student or anyone involved in this investigation.

Please be mindful of what you may post on social media as this is a sensitive and hurtful situation, but we are taking immediate and decisive action to investigate and assure the safety of all those involved.

Please pray for our campus, our students involved, their families, and those involved in this investigation as we committed to not ignoring this situation.

Katip asks anyone with information about the message or other hate-related incidents on campus to call the school’s safety office at 574-269-5344, or contact campus officials.