Grandma gets a taste of university life, thanks to her grandson – Windsor

A 75-year-old grandmother got a taste of university life this week, after her 19-year-old grandson took her to school for the day. 

Coming from a family of nine, Joyce Garvey said she knew her parents could never afford to send her to a post-secondary school. So her grandson Josh Galasso thought he’d take her along for the day.

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“I thought he was pulling me leg, actually. I said ‘Come on Josh, no’ he said ‘yes’ I says ‘when’ he says ‘Monday,'” said Garvey. “I couldn’t sleep Sunday night I had butterflies in my stomach but I was willing to go.”

The two started with a typical student lunch at Harvey’s before Galasso gave his grandmother a tour of the campus and eventually they headed into class. 

Joyce Garvey

Joyce Garvey got to learn what it’s like being a student at the University of Windsor. (Josh Galasso/Twitter)

“She didn’t stick out at all I my opinion,” said Galasso, a business student at the university. “There are hundreds of people there and at the end of the day anybody can go to university there is no age limit so nobody knew it was my grandmother I was taking along it just looked like any other student.”

Galasso tweeted some pictures from the day to tell his friends what he was up to, and it’s getting a big response online. 

“She took better notes than me,” the tweet read, with a shot of Garvey looking quite studious. 

“I think it just really blew up,” said Galasso. “A lot of positive response from everyone on the internet”

Garvey said her favourite part of the day was sitting with her grandson in class and watching him take notes. 

“I looked around in that classroom and I said to myself  ’75 years old and I made it. I’m finally finally in a class at the University of Windsor.'”