Green Bay Packers’ Martellus Bennett too late to get into training camp dorms, so he sleeps on locker room floor

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Martellus Bennett wasn’t late for training camp, but he was too late to check into the dorms at St. Norbert College where the Green Bay Packers sleep. So he made the 15-minute drive over to Lambeau Field, where he spent Tuesday night sleeping on the locker room floor.

Not exactly how the veteran tight end who signed with the Packers in the offseason planned to spend his first night of his first training camp in Green Bay.

“Just got to Green Bay not too long ago and couldn’t get into the dorms, so now I’m sleeping on the floor [in front of] my locker,” Bennett said in a video he posted on his Instagram account. “Camp life, Day 1.

“Sleeping on the floor actually doesn’t bother me, I actually like to sleep on the floor from time to time. Honestly. I should’ve told somebody I’d be getting in late tonight.”

In the video, Bennett wondered whether there might be ghosts at Lambeau Field and likened it to a classic horror movie.

“I heard all about it,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday morning. “I was here late last night, so he must have came after I left. I don’t usually check lockers for people sleeping.”

Players were required to be at Lambeau Field for physicals at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, so Bennett was right on time. Tuesday was considered a travel day for the players, but most checked into the dorms that afternoon. The first practice is Thursday morning.

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