GTA 5 Online’s Transform Races Mode Releases Next Week

A new mode is coming soon to Grand Theft Auto V. Beginning October 17, GTA Online players will be able to take part in the much-anticipated Transform Races, a new type of race that Rockstar describes as the “next evolution of Stunt Racing.”

Unlike in a typical Stunt Race, during a Transform Race, your vehicle will be changing between bikes, planes, and more depending on the terrain. As you can see in the trailer above, these transformations happen instantly when you hit a specific point on the course, which should keep races constantly surprising.

On top of transforming vehicles, Transform Races add a new type of checkpoint called Warps. These instantly transport you to a different location on the map, which Rockstar says “allow[s] for a huge range of new Stunt Race types.”

Transform Races will be available with next week’s GTA V update. Until then, you can still take advantage of this week’s GTA Online bonuses, which include the new Buckingham Pyro airplane, as well as discounts on a handful of vehicles and upgrades. Beyond Transform Races, GTA Online players also have new Condemned and Dogfight modes to look forward to, both of which will be added to the game “in the coming months.”

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