Guns not allowed on Newman University campus

Newman University does not allow guns on campus – a fact university officials aimed to clear up in a news release Thursday.

“As a private institution, Newman has a choice, unlike public state-funded universities, whether or not to allow certain substances, weapons, or behaviors on campus,” officials said in the e-mailed news release.

“There has been confusion concerning policies with nearby school Wichita State University, where guns are now legal and allowed.”

Two years ago, the Kansas Legislature passed a bill that opens almost all public spaces and public buildings to concealed carry, including college classrooms, offices and dormitories.

As of July 1, concealed handguns have been allowed at WSU.

In Thursday’s announcement, Mo Floyd, Newman’s director of security, said guns “don’t have a valid place on a college campus.”

Only commissioned law enforcement officers are allowed to carry firearms on the Newman campus. If others are caught with guns, “situations will be dealt with as trespassing and violators will be asked to leave,” the news release said.

Like WSU, Newman became tobacco-free as of July 1. The policy bans the use of any tobacco product, including cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and other vapor products, smokeless tobacco, hookah, and cigars on campus property, including at public events held in or at Newman facilities.