Hazing, misconduct allegations under investigation at Miami University

Miami University is investigating reports of hazing and misconduct among fraternities.

The allegations have led to the Interfraternity Council, placing all 24 campus fraternities on a temporary suspension, although the IFC said not all are accused of wrongdoing.

“It is a health and safety concern to have as many reports as we have, and that’s why we want to take them as serious as possible,” IFC president Stephen Golonka said.

Neither the IFC nor the university would discuss details of the accusations.

The said six fraternities were placed under a “cease and desist” by their national organizations. They include, Alpha Delta Phi, Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Those six organizations were told they couldn’t complete the new member initiation process.

“The rest of the fraternities are under an order to complete their initiation by Friday,” Miami University spokesperson Claire Wagner said.

All fraternities have had social events suspended.

The IFC called the temporary suspension a pro-active approach.

“Not every single one is under investigation right now, and there are plenty that are doing it the right way. There are the ones who are doing it the right way who, as we take this pause, will help guide those who are not doing it the right way,” Golonka said.

Holding each other accountable takes on greater importance following several Greek-related deaths at other universities last year.

“We’ve taken so many measures here to make sure nothing like that will happen here at Miami,” Miami University sorority member Julie Plant said. “As a new member last year, I went through more programs than I could count about new member safety and education. It was so much coming in, but it was helpful, and I’ve seen these preventable steps being taken into action.”

Emily Wolfzorn who is also in a sorority at Miami said, “I think it was definitely a good choice on IFC’s part to stop things before things got too bad and kind of give themselves a minute to re-evaluate everything and do what they can to keep their members safe.”

Wagner said some of the allegations were made anonymously, and there is a judicial process that must be followed. She said it’s too early to tell if any may rise to the level of a crime.