“He had a rifle…he had a lot of ammo’: Sen. Jeff Flake describes Alexandria shooter

Sen. Jeff Flake talked to reporters about what he saw during the Alexandria shooting. (Photo, ABC7)

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona gave his personal account of what happened during the Alexandria shooting that left Rep. Steve Scalise and four others injured on Wednesday.

Flake was a part of the The Congressional Baseball Game for Charity practice that was attacked by a lone gunman.

“He had a rifle,” Flake told reporters. “He had a lot of ammo,” he said.

Flake says he was watching batting practice when he and others heard gunshots, leading them to run to the dugout for safety.

“It was at least 10 minutes” that Flake says he and others, including Texas Congressman Joe Barton’s 10-year-old son, were hiding in the dugout until the shooter was brought down by a member of Scalise’s security detail.

Flake says he got a look at the shooter, who he described as “a white male with dark hair” and a blue shirt. He said he assumes this was a preconceived attack.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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