Homophobic preacher gets trolled as he tells university students: “If you listen to Elton John, you might get gay”

A homophobic preacher who yelled: “if you listen to Elton John, you might get gay” got owned by guy who sarcastically trolled his hate-filled rant.

Brave Jerry Ramirez jumped onto a rubbish can next to the podium where a University of San Diego preacher was in the midst of a foul-mouthed tirade.

He starts by drawing attention to the man, saying: “Everyone listen to this guy. He has something very important to say.”

Then, he began belittling every slur that comes out of his mouth by repeating each word.

Th is preacher got more than he bargained for

Responding to the preacher’s bizarre comment about Elton John, Jerry giggles: “If you listen to the Lion King, that’s okay. But if you listen to Elton John all the time, you might get gay,”

Undeterred, the preacher continues: “The theatre is infested with gays” to which Jerry bravely echoes: “Infested!”

He then adds: “If you major in theatre, you may not be gay, there’s just a higher possibility you will be.”

Before Jerry intervened, the preacher commented: “The problem with this campus is that it’s filled with horrible people. God wants you to be normal, God wants you to be a real man, now are you a real man? Are you in the bible ?

“I’m concerned about this campus, it’s a highway to hell.”

The student hit back at the hate with humour

The man filming Jerry in the video – which was posted on YouTube – was his roomate Joris Kanowski.

He told the TAB : “Jerry Ramirez is a student of Visual Arts and aspiring actor. It is true that he is from New Zealand.

“He did some other crazy performances as well, such as eating five bananas with the peel on in 10 minutes… Jerry stood on this dumpster for full 30 minutes, so the 12 minutes are already a compilation.”