How Fergie and Josh Duhamel Supported Each Other Since Splitting in February

Sept. 8 — Adult Playtime

Fergie was still gushing about her and Duhamel’s sex life during a radio interview with KTU Cubby and Carolina in the Morning on Sept. 8, revealing that the two kept their marriage fresh by using costumes in the bedroom.  

“I have an Axl-safe costume closet where I have all my superhero stuff. That one doesn’t have a combination. [But] I do have one that’s locked that’s a little bit more mature,” she confessed, adding that she would be “flying right back to [Duhamel]” to try some on.

“I run around my house like I’m a ninja pirate or I’m Supergirl meets Batgirl,” she explained. “We run around the house and… you would be surprised. When I say ‘work hard, play hard,’ it used to be ‘play’ meant going out to the clubs and all of that. And once in a great while I get to do that, but most of my ‘play hard’ now is dressing up like a ninja princess or a pirate or any costume.”

“I like to let him decide because I like to let his imagination go and see where he takes it,” she said of her costume choices. “Now he’s doing a lot of fusion stuff, which is confusing for me. I’m like, ‘This is this category’ and he’s like, ‘No, Ninja pirates!’ So the Ninja pirates are now as one. You can sort of do a fusion.”

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