How to land a job at PwC straight out of college

PwC Rod Adams
It’s never too soon to
start reaching out, says PwC US talent acquisition lead Rod Adams


At PwC, hiring is a big deal.

According to US talent acquisition lead
Rod Adams
, the company hires anywhere from 15,000 to 16,000
new workers every year, including about 4,000 interns.

Thousands of those new hires are recent grads, he tells Business

So how can college students set themselves up to land a job at
the “Big Four” accounting firm?

Adams, who’s interviewed about 5,000 candidates since joining PwC
in 1995, says it’s crucial to not leave
things until the last minute.

“In the super competitive world that we’re in, they need to get
involved early in their college career,” he tells Business
Insider. “We start relationship-building and recruiting as early
as freshman year in college.”

He adds that PwC usually hires entry-level workers nine to 12
months before their start date.

So if you’re a graduating senior scrambling to land a job, you’re
probably out of luck.

Adams recommends that interested students start looking out for
the company’s recruiting
and leadership programs
case study competitions
, and job fair visits during their
freshman year of college.

From there, college students should strive to form relationships
with recruiters and demonstrate their technical skills and
enthusiasm for PwC. That means asking lots of questions, Adams

“Show a desire to not only learn about the firm, but to meet
people and learn about what they do,” Adams says.

“Our firm is very focused on our purpose, and we want to hire
people who are driven by their own purpose and by whatever’s
important to them,” he says.