IIT Bombay graduate’s forearm ripped off by croc while he was saving his dogs | india-news

A bid to save his dogs that had strayed into a lake in neighbouring Ramanagar district cost a city-based entrepreneur his arm, as a crocodile ripped off his left forearm when he entered the waters.

The incident happened when 26-year-old Mudit Dandwate, co-founder of a healthcare startup, along with his friend and two dogs was on a trip to a temple near Thatekere in a forest area on Sunday.

According to police, Dandwate, hailing from Nagpur and a graduate from IIT Bombay, had taken the dogs for a walk near the lake when they strayed into the waters.

In his rush to pull the dogs out of the lake, the man is said to have not seen a warning board about presence of crocodiles, and was attacked by one which bit off his left forearm, police officials said.

Dandwate was rushed to a private hospital in the city, where he is undergoing treatment.

Doctors treating Dandwate said a procedure called debridement has been performed on him to clean the dead  tissues and avoid infection as crocodile bites can be toxic.

After required medical procedures, he will be provided with a prosthetic arm in a few months’ time, they said.

Officials said forest officials have take up the case for investigation.

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