Indiana officials consider Purdue’s plans to create online university

An Indiana education commission will vote on Purdue University‘s plans to create a new online university.

University officials presented their plans for NewU to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education on Thursday, the Journal and Courier reported.

The online university would stem from Purdue’s recent acquisition of for-profit Kaplan University.

University President Mitch Daniels said he hopes the online option will help increase education access to those who didn’t finish college.

“This is our duty,” Daniels said. “It’s a huge opportunity for the state, as the commission keeps reminding us. We do believe this is the one way that we can reach people who individually deserve a better chance in life and who Indiana and the nation need to have that chance.”

Education officials raised questions about the online school’s effect on Purdue’s reputation, the quality of the online university and the financial risk involved with the venture.