Kathy Griffin proves there’s still such a thing as ‘too far’

Well, at least we know there’s still a line.

On Tuesday, when Tyler Shields’ intentionally provocative photo of comedian Kathy Griffin holding what appeared to be the bloody, severed head of President Trump hit social media, the condemnation was swift, complete and unequivocal. Whatever her initial intention, Griffin found herself the subject of something that has become increasingly rare in American discourse: bipartisan, multicultural agreement.

Virtually everyone in America was horrified.

Some, including Donald Trump Jr., attempted to politicize the moment by making Griffin a de facto spokeswoman for “the left,” but it was impossible to make that stick.

No one, not even the president’s most outspoken critics, defended the image.

Instead, the words “vile,” “disgusting” and “unacceptable” united the social media response from both sides of the aisle and every social stratum. By late Tuesday afternoon, Griffin had called for Shields to take the image down and issued an abject apology via Instagram. Stripped of her usual high-glam look, Griffin conceded that the image was too upsetting and literally begged for forgiveness. “I’m a comic, I cross the line, I move the line and then I cross it. I went way too far…. I made a mistake and I was wrong.”

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