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Move over Beyonce, a source close to Kim Kardashian’s family claims the reality star is going to become a mom of twins too! We’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned Kim & Kanye West’s surrogate may be pregnant with not 1, but 2 babies, & the expectant parents are thrilled!

Twins seem to be the biggest trend in Hollywood lately, and now it appears that the most recent celebs to jump on the bandwagon are Kim Kardashian, 36, and Kanye West, 40! As we told you last week, the couple have reportedly hired a surrogate to help them grow their family, and apparently she’s already pregnant — with TWO! The alleged new additions will join big sister North West, 4, and big brother Saint West, 1. Since Kim has always hoped for a large family, she couldn’t be more pumped about her gaining two bundles of joy. We just can’t believe it’s apparently happening so quickly!

“Kim and Kanye are excited and happy as they are expecting twins with the help of a surrogate,” a longtime friend of the Kardashians shared with EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim has always wanted twins, and due to health issues has needed the help of a surrogate to make her dreams a reality. It is very early on in the pregnancy so it will be a while before they make anything public.” SO wild, right? Kim and Kanye are reportedly paying their surrogate $4,500 in 10 monthly installments, adding up to a total of $45,000, according to TMZ. However, Kimye is also required to pay the surrogacy agency $68,850 upfront as a deposit.

Since the surrogate is apparently expecting twins though, she will receive an additional $5,000, the media outlet reports. As part of their agreement, the surrogate is not allowed to smoke, drink, or do drugs during the pregnancy. She also has to restrict sexual activities in the weeks leading up to the pregnancy and can’t have sex for three weeks after the embryo implantation. And this may sound nit-picky, but she also isn’t permitted to go into hot tubs, saunas, handle or change cat litter, apply hair dye, drink more than one caffeinated beverage a day, or eat raw fish.

Kim and Kanye, according to another source of ours, were inspired by Beyonce, 35, to have twins, so it’s not super surprising that a family friend is claiming that it’s actually happening! “Kim and Kanye want two more kids and were inspired by JAY-Z and Beyonce,” another Kimye insider revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim is very familiar with a big family and wants to make her immediate family bigger, and now is the time.” Our source also added that they want it to happen “as soon as possible!”

Considering Kim’s health issues with her last two pregnancies — she suffered from placenta accreta with both North and Saint — surrogacy truly is the safest option for Kim. After all, placenta accreta can cause massive bleeding and is potentially life-threatening! If Kim were to try and have a third child herself, she would be at risk of needing a hysterectomy, which is a major surgery, Dr. Sherry A. Ross, women’s health expert and author of She-ologyThe Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period., told EXCLUSIVELY.

Explaining the process Kim and her surrogate would have to endure in order to get pregnant, Dr. Ross explained that Kim needed to “go through the start of the IVF procedure and get meds to make her ovaries create a lot of follicles, or eggs. The doctor would then remove the eggs from the follicles when they’re ready, and they would put the egg with Kanye’s sperm in a little petri dish and pick the  best embryos based on how well those embryos grew, and then implant one or two.” Looks like they implanted two! We are so excited for Kim and Kanye to be joining the twins club, we wish them and their surrogate all the best!

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Tell us, HollywoodLifers — are you shocked Kim and Kanye are supposedly having twins? Did you think they were going to expand their family at all?

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