Lawrence University house relocated to historic district

APPLETON, Wis. You may notice something missing on the Lawrence University’s campus.

That would be a more than 100-year-old house which is now on wheels moving a block and a half away.

“So it’s moving from university property to university property,” Lawrence University Assistant to the President, Jake Woodford said. “It’s just from an institutional part of our campus to more of a neighborhood part of the campus.”

The house built in 1901 was acquired by the university in 1928. It’s recently been used for student housing.

Now, in an effort to preserve the structure, it’s moving into Appleton’s City Park Historic District.

A move is supported by both the university and the city.

“Being in the historic district is fitting given the fact that the university was founded around the same [time] that the town was founded,” said Woodford.

“It’s part of your history,” Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna said. “It’s part of your heritage, it’s part of your identity.”

The move started Tuesday and by Friday the house should be on its new foundation.

“What we use to lift the building and move it actually is hydraulic pumps,” said David DeVooght of DeVooght House Moving.

When it’s on the foundation, another project will begin.

“We’ll renovate the house in the interior,” Woodford said. “Bring it up to code and make sure it’s ready for the next 100 years.”

The house will then become the residence for the Provost and Dean of Faculty.