‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Exec Really Wants Constantine For Season 3

Constantine is one of DC’s most weird and wonderful characters. A chain-smoking British occult detective (who also happens to be bisexual) was never going to be a dead-cert for his own TV show — and after one season, NBC cancelled Constantine to the lament of its small, but dedicated fanbase. The character was later confirmed to exist in the #Arrowverse, appearing in an episode of Arrow Season 4, and promptly disappearing again — but unfortunately not in a puff of smoke.

Since then, fans have been campaigning for #Constantine to become a regular character on one of The CW’s #DC shows, and the best choice seems to be Legends Of Tomorrow. This madcap series sees DC’s best/worst C-list heroes band together to protect the timeline from everyone that might damage it, including themselves. Naturally, the wisecracking weirdo Constantine would be a fantastic addition to the Waverider crew, and we’re not the only ones who think so: Legends exec Phil Klemmer recently told IGN that he’s still “actively campaigning” for Constantine to appear on the show.

Constantine restores Sara's soul in 'Arrow' Season 4. [Credit: The CW]
Constantine restores Sara’s soul in ‘Arrow’ Season 4. [Credit: The CW]

So will this actually happen in Season 3? It seems likely. In the same interview, Klemmer hinted at an intriguing change of pace for Legends Of Tomorrow, shifting the focus from scifi to the supernatural.

“This is a much more supernatural, spooky vibe this season. We’re dealing more with magic. It’s less real-world bad guys.”

Well that sounds like it’s right up Constantine’s alley! Klemmer hinted that the main antagonist for Season 3 is a “non-human entity”, who employs Gorilla Grodd to hassle the Legends — and I’m sure we all know how fun that will be. This overarching villain is likely to be Kuasa, a “water witch” who was revealed in the Season 3 trailer. It’s clear that the Legends will be facing a force unlike any they’ve ever encountered before, as Season 3 is “in the world of the occult and monsters,” as Klemmer told IGN.

Which, again, screams Constantine, because he is literally the only character in the Arrowverse that deals in the occult. It’s also worth noting that Constantine is responsible for restoring Sara’s soul after she was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, an action which directly lead to her joining — and eventually captaining — the Waverider.

So it stands to reason that when confronted with a supernatural, occult villain, Sara will know exactly who she’s gonna call — and that’s Constantine.

Practically speaking though, the smart money’s on Constantine only appearing for a few episodes, and not joining the Legends indefinitely. Back in January, The CW announced that Constantine will return in his own animated show on CW Seed, though an airdate still hasn’t been locked down. With this in the pipeline — and Klemmer mentioning that he’s just “campaigning” for Constantine to join Legends — it seems likely that Constantine will only appear in a few episodes of the live action show before his own cartoon airs.

Of course, plans change, and it could be that The CW has quietly axed the Constantine animated show — which would explain the lack of information on it since January. Equally, there’s nothing to stop Constantine appearing as a recurring character on Legends Of Tomorrow in addition to his own show. Right now though, it seems that The CW are still deciding exactly what they want to do with the occult detective — and here’s hoping they let him finally join his fellow offbeat heroes aboard the Waverider.

Would you like to see Constantine join the Legends of Tomorrow?

(Source: IGN)

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