LSU batter flings bat into photographers gallery in College World Series

LSU and Florida have already paired up for one of the wilder College World Series games so far this tournament, offering up close plays at second, bizarre errors at shortstop, amazing catches beyond the third base line, and amazing catches at shortstop. The athleticism on display — and indeed, lack thereof at times — is nothing short of breathtaking and stupefying, all at once.

But for another tally in the lowlight reel, let’s turn to LSU’s right fielder, Greg Deichmann, an otherwise dominant hitter who’s fueled a large share of the Tigers’ offense this season. In the bottom of the sixth on Monday, with one out and LSU down 3-1, Deichmann took a big boy swing that ended with his bat sailing into first base foul territory and eventually landing in the photographers’ den.

Now, this is nowhere near as impressive as Tim Tebow letting loose of his bat grip over last weekend in Charleston, since Deichmann only makes it to the photog pool on the first base line. Tebow of course flung his stick all the way up into Mayor Joe Riley Park’s second level. However, we can consider both of these bat throws a kind of kindred pair, since both Deichmann and Tebow struck out after slinging their respective bats out of the field of play.

Florida holds a 4-2 lead in the top of the eighth.